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Issue #1 (June 2019)


A4 - 210 x 297 mm 

(8.3 x 11.7 inches) 


18-22 per issue






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Project Magus is an ongoing modern military/fantasy comic book series for readers aging from 16 - 40.  You will follow the story of Corporal Victoria Lopez, a U.N. Marine who is lacking in height but won't back down from a fight.


In a dystopian world filled with anger and grief, Victoria is thrown into a war that is unfamiliar to what she was grown up believing. She must face a deadly adversary that is on the rise while seeking vengeance for those she's lost.


Project Magus was originally a Game Modification I directed 10 years ago while in college called Lytus. Though the game itself is shelved, the story was always something I wanted to explore. Over the past year, I began to dive deep into what makes this adventure intriguing to me. It has been heavily rewritten from what it was originally, but the core of the story exists: What happens when you bring mystical fantasy elements into modern military tactics.


I was always a bit of a nerd growing up. I grew up reading fantasy like Harry Potter and Superman but also had a soft spot for military life due to my father. My father served in the Marines and I would spend hours listening to his stories of living "in the bush".


As I got older, I began to notice a lack of Latin representation in the media I had come to love so dearly. Why weren't there as many Latino super-heroes in the movies? With the success of Wonder Woman, I was incredibly shocked at my realization of how little representation Latinas have. 


Built from the bones of a game pitch in college, I set out to write a story that not only combined my love of fantasy and military but also to give Latinas the representation that they deserve.


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