Project Magus : Volume 01 (Softcover)

Project Magus : Volume 01 (Softcover)


You'll get a physical softcover copy of Project Magus Volume #01 in an A4 format.



In 1967, the CIA created the top-secret initiative called PROJECT MK-OFTEN, a branch of PROJECT MK-ULTRA. PROJECT MKOFTEN's sole purpose was to research and weaponize the occult.


The agency collaborated with Witches and Sorcerers who were familiar with Black Magic to see if witchcraft was feasible in combat.


PROJECT MKOFTEN was disbanded in 1973, with all documentation of its existence destroyed.


In 2024, a cataclysmic nuclear attack launched by radicalized terrorists hit nearly every major city around the world. Millions were killed instantly.


However, it was the radiated fallout that changed everything...


In 2026, the U.S. Government reopens the initiative as PROJECT MAGUS.


Follow the journey of Corporal Victoria Lopez, a hot-tempered Marine with a haunting past. Victoria discovers an extraordinary ability that aids her and her allies against a rising threat of overwhelmingly powerful Spell Casters.